Fire Engineering


Goldsmith Engineering will work with the Client and the Design Team to develop a dedicated Fire Strategy Design for the project.

The Fire Strategy will ensure compliance with Building Regulations while realising the Architectural vision for the building.

We will assist in the design and specification of construction details to achieve the most efficient and effective means of fire protection in a building that is right the first time.

Goldsmith Engineering has extensive experience in the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Occupant Simulation software to develop a truly bespoke engineering solution for the building project.


The majority of public buildings in Ireland must apply for a Fire Safety Certificate prior to construction works being carried out.

Once the Fire Strategy has been designed for the building, we will prepare the Fire Safety Certificate application and carry out all negotiations with the Fire Prevention Officer to ensure a swift and hassle-free application process.


The Goldsmith Engineering team have many years of experience in building inspection and fire surveying.

We work with Contractors, Structural Engineers, M&E Engineers and Fire Stopping Specialists to ensure Fire Safety systems are designed and installed correctly.

Goldsmith Engineering are Chartered Engineers and Chartered Surveyors and will provide all necessary Certification for the Design, Inspection and Completion of a building project.

In existing buildings, we will carry out a Fire Safety Audit to assess the existing standard of life safety and make any recommendations for remedial works or risk-reducing measures.

Goldsmith Engineering can also act as Assigned Certifier. For further information, click here.