Assigned Certifier

Goldsmith Engineering can act as the Assigned Certifier on any construction projects requiring a Commencement Notice with Documentation or a 7 Days Notice under Building Control Amendment Regulations (BCAR) 2014.

The Assigned Certifier’s responsibility is to coordinate the inspection roles of the design team, contractor and any sub-contractors ensuring that all works are inspected and signed-off at the agreed project milestones.

As Assigned Certifier, we coordinate with the Client, Designers and Building Contractor to create an Inspection Plan and Inspection Notification Framework (INF) for the construction project in accordance with the Code of Practice for Inspecting and Certifying Works.

We manage the online Building Control Management System (BCMS) on behalf of the Client and ensure the Local Building Control Authority are provided with all necessary certification at commencement, during and upon completion of the construction works.

On satisfactory completion of the Works and the Inspection Plan, and all necessary Ancillary Certification has been received, we submit the Certificate of Compliance (Completion) to Building Control for entry onto the Register in line with the Nominated Date of Completion.